Monday, June 17, 2013

Mastering french braiding and selfie photography

Well, it wasn't rocket science learning how to french-braid, but photographing my own turned out to be much more difficult to master. I spent the previous 21 years of my life without ever learning how to french braid my own bangs. I tried a couple times and failed miserably, and gave up after that. I don't know what I found so difficult about it now, because I finally sat myself down with a YouTube tutorial and figured it all out. Turns out, it wasn't rocket science after all.

Here's the video I watched that helped me do my first few braids. It's an adorable new mom whose cats keep meowing in the background, but nonetheless a very good braider and explainer.

And now, some miserably failed selfies. Enjoy.

Oh hey, forehead!

Looking forlornly down my own top.

Closer, but more a macro shot of my pores and sunspots...

Did I tell you I got new earrings? Also, what's up, armpit?

Har har. Happy Tuesday tomorrow!!

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