Wednesday, June 12, 2013

First thing's first...

Well, I got the job! Looks like I will be relocating to New York City in a couple of weeks.. So naturally, I started with the most important part of going to a new place. NEW SHOES! I blame my mother for my constant need for new footwear.. Anyway, here are my three newest obsessions for my feet.

Found these at Macy's for just $30! Rampage. Skirt: Ruche

I finally got these from Ruche!! (pants - Zara) They've been on my wishlist forever.. Only $36.99

The beauties above are also from Macy's, c/o Vince Camuto and bought during the Memorial Day Sale for a STEAL! :) :) :)

More updates on my pre-moving shopping/relocation craziness coming soon!

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