Sunday, May 19, 2013

Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans

OK, so I have a slight obsession with Boyfriend-fit jeans. I just love them for their versatility and comfort, and how summery and fun they are.. I could go on. Naturally, one of the first items on my summer shopping list is a pair of distressed boyfriend-fit jeans. Imagine my dismay upon finding my dream pair that I've been searching for all this time, only for the price tag to be a little under $300. My student loans are about to kick in! No way! Never fear, Express is here.

The original dismay-inducing pair by GOLDSIGN - $278
(I have to admit, if you've got the funds, these might be worth the splurge.)

Frugal Doodler version! From Express - $69.90
AND there's a buy one, get one half off sale going on at Express right now, too! Jump on it!

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